Top 3 Best Glucose Monitoring Kit in 2017

Top 3 Best Glucose Monitoring Kit in 2017

When it comes to diabetes, it is a special medical condition which requires proper care. From taking glucose tablets, in case of low blood sugar, to injecting insulin for catering high levels of sugar, diabetics make all such decisions based on the instant readings of the best glucose monitoring kit.

According to a research, some people tend to check their sugar levels as many as 10 times per day. So if you’re a diabetic, who is looking for the best glucometer which can accommodate such a frequent use, have a look at the top 3 Best Glucose Monitoring Kit.

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All 3 of the below-mentioned devices are pretty easy to use which makes them pretty straightforward to operate, even for the newbies.

Best Glucose Monitoring Kit

Contour Next Testing Kit

One for the budget oriented customers, the Contour Next Testing Kit comes included with everything which you might need to check your sugar levels at a very affordable price. In addition, when it makes use of test strips, which can be easily purchased from almost any pharmacy in your premises, it makes it one of the best glucometers which you can purchase from today’s market.

Featuring 100 test strips, these strips come with a long date of expiry. After purchasing this glucose monitoring kit, you can use these strips for as long as 15 months and they won’t go bad.

As per the Contour EZ Meter, it is devoid of any manual setting as you just have to turn on this meter and it will display the test results.

The Contour Next Testing Kit also comes with a lancing device which, for your convenience, can be adjusted to 5 different levels. For the ease of carrying this testing kit from one place to the other, the manufacturer has provided a sturdy carrying case which accommodates everything which you might need for checking your blood sugar levels on the go.

Finally, this is a pretty efficient testing kit as you’ll get your testing results in as low as just 5 seconds via the Contour EZ Meter. Such an effective working mechanism makes it ideal for anyone who might have to check their blood sugar levels multiple times per day.


  • Easy to use, Comes at an affordable price as well
  • 100 test strips can be used for an extended duration of time
  • Contour EZ Meter requires no manual setting


  • Does not track results electronically

Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetic Testing Starter Kit 

When it comes to testing blood sugar levels, you can’t afford a device which tends to produce inconsistent results. As you’ve to make certain changes in your diet based on these readings, you need a glucometer with utmost accuracy. Talking about one such glucose monitoring kit, have a look at the Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT.

Featuring an easy to use glucometer, this equipment requires no user coding which ultimately reduces the margin of error which might happen due to miscoding. It also leads to fewer steps for checking your sugar levels so you can save a considerable amount of time.

The Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT comes with 100 strips along with the same number of lancets. It means that once this device arrives at your doorstep, you don’t have to spend additional money on one of the aforesaid equipment which makes this starter kit ready to use.

Also present in this purchase is a lancing device which is basically used to draw out blood samples. As compared to any lancer which you might have used to obtain blood samples in the past, this one produces very little pain. You don’t have to suffer from unwanted finger soreness after using this equipment.

The Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT requires very little amount of blood as depending on the adjustment which you might have made with the lancing device, this starter kit can produce accurate readings with just 0.5  µL blood sample.


  • Produces accurate readings
  • Fairly easy to use and read from the glucometer
  • Requires very little amount of blood


  • Doesn’t come included with the alcohol pads

Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetes Testing Kit

Coming from a trusted manufacturer in the field of medical equipment, the Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetes Testing Kit is ideal for all those customers who want to check their blood sugar levels without the extra hassle. Extremely effective, this device requires just 0.5 µL of your blood for coming up with accurate readings.

When it comes to using this testing kit, you don’t require prior experience with glucometers or even the help of a professional person. As compared to a majority of diabetes testing kits in the market, which require all sorts of coding protocols, the Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetes Testing Kit is a non-coding kit.

It means that after setting this device, you just have to add blood samples. The rest will be done by this glucometer and it will come up with your readings in as many as just 5 seconds.

On making this purchase, you’ll get 50 test strips along with the same number of lancets. It also comes with a lancing device, a control solution and a sturdy carrying case for the ease of transportation.

Also present in this testing kit are the batteries for the glucometer so you don’t have to purchase one from your nearby retail store.

Another thing which is quite impressive about this purchase is that regardless of the low price of this testing kit, it still comes with a staggering 18-month warranty. This warranty, which applies to all the components of this testing kit, makes sure that even if anything goes wrong during the 18-month period, you can return it without any hesitation.

Combine it with the long expiry date of the components and you’ll be able to test your blood sugar levels – with this kit – for an extended duration.


  • Comes with free batteries for meter
  • Requires just 0.5 µL sample of blood
  • Devoid of any complex coding mechanism


  • Lancets holder isn’t very sturdy


All three of the above-mentioned devices perform up to the mark when it comes to producing accurate results. But if budget is your main concern, and you’re looking for the best glucose monitoring kit which comes with all the prerequisites, the Contour Next Testing Kit can be your ideal purchase.

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