Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit Review

Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit Review

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet high-quality diabetes testing kit, have a look at the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit. Available at a very affordable price, this kit is designed for all those diabetics who don’t want to visit a lab every day for routine testing.

When it would require a decent sum of money, not everyone could afford to visit his/her doctor every single day due to a busy schedule.

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However, thanks to this testing kit, which has all the important accessories such as lancets, lancing device, and testing strips, this product makes it extremely easy to check your blood sugar level at home without external assistance.

The Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit is ideal for all those users who want to observe a self-management plan for keeping their blood sugar levels in control in control. Thanks to its flawless working, you can check your sugar levels multiple times per day to decide how certain food items are affecting your sugar levels and how a particular medicine, which is prescribed by your doctor, is keeping your glucose in check.


Easy Touch Meter

The Easy Touch meter, which comes along this purchase, is extremely easy to use even for the senior citizens. The reason behind it is that as compared to a majority of other modern testing kits, which you can purchase from the marketplace, the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit requires no manual setting.

After purchasing a new bottle of strips, you don’t have to match the monitor’s code with that of the strips as this product will do all of that by itself. So once it arrives at your doorstep, you can use it straightaway for checking your blood sugar levels without any hindrance.

Moreover, the blood sample which is required by this meter is only 0.5 µL. And when it comes up with the results in as many as just 5 seconds, you can even use this device on the go.

Test Strips

The manufacturer is providing no less than 100 test strips along with this kit. This is beneficial for the diabetics who have to check their sugar levels multiple times per day.

For example, even if you want to take 3 blood samples within a 24 hour period, you can still use these test strips for more than a month. So when you’re nearby lab would charge a decent amount of money for everyday testing, you can use this kit, which comes with 100 test strips, for a much lesser price.

In addition, these strips come with a long date of expiry as after making this purchase, you can use these strips for as long as 15-month time duration.


Lancets are basically the pricking needles which you use to draw a suitable sample of blood for the sake of glucose testing. When it is recommended to never reuse a lancet, the fact that the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit incorporates 100 30g lancets makes this device extremely beneficial for the budget-oriented customers.

Lancing Device

You can adjust the lancing device, which comes included in this purchase, to 5 different depths which eventually depends on your skin type. If you’re a female who has smooth skin, level 1 or 2 might be enough to draw out a suitable blood sample from your body.

In case of male diabetics, they might go for the highest level of depth for an optimal blood sample. So when the lancing device comes with multiple depths, it makes the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit a versatile product which can be used by a wide range of patients.

Alcohol Pad

Before pricking your finger with the help of a lancet, clear it up with an alcohol pad which is provided the manufacturer in the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit. It means that you don’t have to look for soap & water as this pad is more than enough for cleaning your fingers.

Carrying Case

If you’ve to travel frequently, the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit incorporates a durable carrying case. Featuring a sturdy construction, this case can hold in all the aforementioned accessories which make it convenient to travel with this diabetes testing kit.

When it holds in all the important items, you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost or broken in the midst of your journey.


If you like to keep a record of your previous blood glucose level measurements, which is often recommended by a wide range of doctors, the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit comes along with an Easy Touch Logbook. When it keeps all your information in one place, it makes it easy to track your day-to-day progress regarding diabetes.


  • Easy Touch meter is devoid of any manual setting
  • 100 test strips come with a long date of expiry
  • Sturdy Carrying case makes it easy to travel with this kit


  • Control solution has to be bought separately


The Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit incorporates everything which you might need for testing blood sugar level at your own home. Starting from a convenient meter, it comes with 100 lancets along with the same number of test strips.

Furthermore, the lancing device which is included in this purchase can be adjusted to 5 different levels of depth and after you place your samples on the testing strip, the meter will come back with the final readings in just 5 seconds.


If you’re a budget-oriented customer or one who has to check their sugar levels for a number of times per day, the Easy Touch Diabetes Testing Kit is one of the best products – in its category – which you can purchase. This kit requires no manual coding which means that apart from the experienced personnel, even the newbies can use it without any hindrance.

Combine it with 100 test strips and 100 lancets and you don’t have to purchase another diabetes testing kit in the near future.

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