Best Vitamins for Diabetics

Best Vitamins for Diabetics

Symptoms of diabetes among adults are easy to identify. These include going to the bathroom too often to urinate, feeling thirsty and hungry all the time, and feeling tired day and night.

However, most people ignore these symptoms and don’t want to get diagnosed because of the many life changes that will happen after being tagged as a diabetic. This is where the best vitamins for diabetics help.

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Once a person is diagnosed to be having diabetes, the doctor would inevitably prescribe medicines to regulate blood sugar or increase insulin production in the pancreas. Along with the medicines, there will be food restrictions, particularly on carbohydrate intake.

Imagine not being allowed to eat pasta, bread, and dessert. That is definitely life-changing, but for the worse.

Diabetics will also be advised to do some exercise like brisk walking or jogging, or to at least avoid sitting for extended periods. People with diabetes do not live normal lives, so to speak.

They always need to watch their blood sugar level by drawing a bit of blood every morning to make sure it is within the normal range, especially when they take even a bite of the “forbidden” food the previous day.

Apart from medications and having a healthy lifestyle, diabetics are also recommended to take vitamins to help their body cope with the changes. However, regular vitamins may not be enough and recommended. Hence, specially formulated vitamins should be considered.

Below, three of the best vitamins for diabetics will be tackled. 

Vimerson Health Blood Sugar Support

Vimerson Health Blood Sugar Support is a multivitamin with pure and natural herbs that help with blood sugar regulation. It works by strengthening the organs that assist in regulating the levels of sugar in the blood.

An example of which is the pancreas, which is responsible for producing insulin—a hormone that breaks down sugar and distributes it to the cells in the body.

Each capsule is vegetarian-friendly, meaning it does not contain any pork or fish, especially gluten. Soy or yeast, genetically-modified organisms (GMO), preservatives or fillers, or any other hormones are also not present in the product.

Its main ingredients are vitamins and minerals to boost immunity, and herbs, such as bitter melon, cinnamon bark, Juniper berry, and white mulberry leaf.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and each capsule should be taken once or twice a day before meals. That means it can last up to two months of use.

The product is also proudly made in the USA and in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved facility.


  • Each bottle can last up to two months of use.
  • It only contains natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals.
  • The user does not need to take other multivitamins when already taking Vimerson Health Blood Sugar Support.
  • This product helps keep the liver and pancreas healthy, which are the principal organs responsible for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
  • The product has been manufactured in a USA-based and FDA-approved facility.
  • The company boasts of its excellent customer service.


  • A glass full of water must be taken with the capsule.
  • Can take up to three months of continuous use to see significant results
  • The taste of the capsule is strong for some people—they have difficulty taking it in.

Optilevel Blood Sugar Support

Optilevel Blood Sugar Support, on the other hand, focuses on helping keep the patient’s’ energy levels within the normal range so that they can continue functioning normally. It helps metabolize not only carbohydrates but also proteins and fats, so the user can get rid of the tired and exhausting feeling that comes with diabetes.

This food supplement contains 13 herbs and seven vitamins and minerals to help boost immunity, and provide overall health. These ingredients also help with losing weight and keeping a healthy cardiovascular system.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules that can be taken once up to thrice a day depending on the need of each user.

The manufacturing facility of Optilevel Blood Sugar Support is located in the USA and has been certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), FDA, and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), making it one of the best vitamins for diabetics. Those regulating bodies ensure the safety and purity of each of the capsules in the bottle.

However, the capsule may contain allergens since their manufacturing facility also processes milk, soy, wheat, and the like.


  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  • It contains 13 herbs plus seven vitamins and minerals for overall health.
  • It also aids in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy and helps with weight loss.
  • The manufacturing plant has been checked and approved by FDA, GMP, and NSF.


  • It is not vegetarian-friendly as it may contain dairy, egg, and shellfish.

Sigmaceutical Blood Sugar Support

The best thing about this product is it comes with a free e-book that has information about lowering blood sugar levels. Just like the other two blood sugar support supplements mentioned earlier, it also contains the best herbs to help with blood sugar regulation.

In particular, it is considered an “Ayurvedic supplement” because it dulls the palate that is responsible for craving for sweets. It also curbs hunger pangs; thus helping individuals who want to lose weight.

Each capsule contains the ingredients in powder form within a transparent housing. This makes it somehow appealing to the users because it really looks like they are taking all these fruits and vegetables in powder form. Since it is not in tablet form, it is also easier to swallow.

The manufacturing company is also FDA and NSF certified but the same facility also develops products that may contain allergens and animal products. In addition, this supplement comes with deglycyrrhizinated licorice that may increase the blood pressure levels of the users.


  • Comes with an e-book on how to reduce blood sugar
  • This also works by numbing the sense or palate that loves sugary foods.
  • The facility is FDA and NSF evaluated.
  • The presentation of the capsules looks good.


  • It may contain animal products and other allergens.
  • It may increase the blood pressure levels of the users because of its licorice content.

Best Vitamins for Diabetics: The Verdict

To be honest, all of the three best vitamins for diabetics mentioned are almost the same. They all contain natural herbs plus vitamins and minerals, come in 60 capsules per bottle, etc. So what really is the best amongst the bests?

One of the things that should be considered when choosing supplements is not only the ingredients but the other particles that are unintentionally included during the manufacturing process. Hence, among the three, Vimerson Health Blood Sugar Support is the only one that does not contain nuts, soy, and other ingredients, that may cause allergies.

Since it is the only vegan-friendly supplement in the list, it can be said that it is the best vitamins among the three for diabetics.

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