A Helpful Blood Sugar Level Regulator: The Natural Glucocil Review

A Helpful Blood Sugar Level Regulator: The Natural Glucocil Review

When one develops a disease such as diabetes, doctors would definitely prescribe maintenance medicines. That’s what they are trained and taught to do.

Very seldom would someone find a doctor that would recommend taking food supplements to regulate blood sugar levels at the onset of the illness. This is because these products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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However, though prescription pills are FDA-approved, they always have negative side effects on the people taking them. They might be targeting the problem, but are causing other issues on other aspects of health.

For instance, Metformin, the most commonly prescribed medications, has certain negative side effects based on the experience of people who actually take it. Such include nausea, stomachache, skin rashes and itching, weight gain, and fatigue.

Taking prescription medicines has negative effects on the kidneys and pancreas as well. This is the reason why people now start to explore and try other remedies for their diseases. For diabetes, Glucocil has been gaining popularity because of its natural ingredients and effectiveness.



Glucocil is an all-natural food supplement that promises to regulate blood sugar levels. Each bottle comes with 120 capsules. Its main ingredients are 14 of the healthiest fruits and vegetables produced and manufactured in the USA.

This supplement is doctor-formulated and comes as softgel capsules for more efficient absorption. Just like other food supplements on that market, it is not FDA approved but has undergone clinical trials to show its effects. The results of these trials have since been published in peer-reviewed journals on health.

In addition, each ingredient of Glucocil has been reviewed as well and supported by more than 140 studies. However, Glucocil has not been tested on animals since they practice ethical standards in the manufacture of the product.

This natural food supplement not only helps promote healthy blood sugar levels but also helps with weight loss. It also works by decreasing the absorption of sugar and other carbohydrates from the food the patients eat. It also helps promote cardiovascular health. 


Aside from the fact that Glucocil is all-natural, there are more advantages to taking this food supplement for blood sugar control:

Its effects could show in as fast as one week.

The first thing one would ask before trying a new supplement is how fast it works. This is very important especially for those who are on maintenance medications. They could not go with unregulated blood sugar levels for a long time.

Based on reports, the effect of Glucosil on blood sugar level can be seen as early as one week. There are even others who claimed that their blood sugar decreased in a span of only three days.

This can be owed to the reality that this food supplement is made of softgel that helps with absorption of its all-natural ingredients.

It follows ethical standards in manufacturing the product.

One of the reasons why this product does not have “approved therapeutic claims” is because the company has never been tested on animals. Glucocil has been tested on humans only on two clinical trials, but these are not enough to gain FDA approval.

The results of these clinical trials have been published in four refereed scientific journals, though. In addition, this product is produced and manufactured in the USA following strict standards and regulations.

Its claimed effectiveness is based on clinical studies.

For each of its 14 main ingredients, there are scientific studies to show its effects on the body. Some of these ingredients are the following: mulberry leaf, banaba leaf, berberine, cinnamon bark, fish oil, Gymnema sylvestre, insulina (Cissus sicyoides), and veld grape (Cissus quadrangularis).

It must also be noted that the formula used in each softgel capsule was developed by doctors who have been studying diabetes themselves.

It has other positive effects aside from regulating blood sugar.

Aside from promoting healthy blood sugar level, it may also help with weight loss. It curbs cravings for sugary foods. Hence, it may also help with cardiovascular health in general. Its vitamins and minerals content also boosts immunity and energy production. 


Nevertheless, there are also downsides to buying this supplement:

It is not vegetarian-friendly.

Since Glucocil is made of softgels, these gels inevitably have fish and pork content. Most people prefer their food supplement to be pure fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and if possible organic.

Nevertheless, the fish and pork content of each capsule does not affect its potency. Having non-vegetarian material is more of a matter of preference than of effectiveness.

The pills are quite big.

This is a problem for those who are not comfortable swallowing pills this size. However, since it is made of softgel instead of a hard tablet, it should pass through the user’s throat in a quicker manner.

Daily intake should be at least four capsules in divided doses.

Unlike other similar supplements that only need to be taken once a day with a dosage of just one capsule, two Glucosil capsules should be taken twice a day. This means that each bottle that has 120 capsules can only last for about 30 days.

However, for the first three days, just one capsule should be taken twice a day. This is to allow the body to adjust to the ingredients. 


Glucosil is a supplement that can help improve the health of individuals who have diabetes. So far, it does not have negative side effects, and it had helped regulate the blood sugar levels of some users.

However, one bottle with 120 capsules could only last for about a month, the capsules are quite big, and it cannot be taken by vegetarians. 


As compared to other similar products like BioScience Nutrition Blood Sugar Support Supplement, Glucocil is better because it is made of softgel capsules that are easier to swallow. It is also reportedly more helpful in regulating blood sugar levels and curbing sugar cravings. 

The Verdict

Glucosil is one of the best diabetes supplements on the market because of the helpful effects that could be noticed in as little as one week for some patients. It has also undergone clinical studies to support the claims of the manufacturer. It has also been manufactured by strictly following ethical standards.

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